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So you’re out there, building a better world.


It’s hard. You need help.


You need money, clients, votes, the trust of your boss or board. That’s why you need the report, the website, the grant, the press release. You need the big campaign carefully planned and flawlessly executed. Maybe you need to put out media fires – or want to avoid them altogether.


You need a communications and fundraising partner who gets results.


I’m here for you.

I make the case for people who advance the social good. When they win, we win.



I’ve worked with some of America’s best scientists and physicians, and a glorious group of government visionaries and policy nerds, pioneering designers and artists, and heroes in public education and public health.


I help them tell their stories, show their value, and meet their goals.


As an employee, or consultant, I’ve been part of the team at Brown University, the American Institute of Architects, Oregon Health & Science University, Rhode Island Public Broadcasting, and cities big and small across the country.


I’ve raised $20 million, created and strengthened brands, launched projects and programs, built social media and media relations programs from scratch, and shepherded stories through “60 Minutes” and into The New York Times. I’ve managed crisis from both sides – as a newspaper reporter covering anthrax to a comms pro managing COVID. At a leading cancer clinical trial network, I expanded the patient advocate team to include young people, people of color, and members of the LGBTQ+ community. Diverse views ensure better results.


There’s never enough time or money when you're building a better world. I am a trusted professional who can jump in and create what you need – on budget, on time, solo or with a team. I work with integrity, clarity, curiosity.


I took my business name from the Italian musical term that means to "play with vigor." I live and work with speed and spirit, so it's a good description of what you get when we collaborate. 

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